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Who am I?

Art has always been a central part of my life.
I’ve been touching it in various ways and in the past ten years I mostly deal with theory and teaching.
I am a writer and critic of contemporary art, mainly in Israel, a guide and lecturer in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and former manager at the Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art.
A Master degree graduate in Art history at the Haifa University, Israel. I focus on contemporary art and photography.
Someone once said that I live and breathe art, I guess that’s true. There is nothing more satisfying than doing what you love every day, and luckily this is the case with me.

IN THE SCENE. Tel Aviv Contemporary Art Tour
With Museums, trend setters and experimental galleries, artist ateliers and colorful street art located in various centers throughout the city, Tel Aviv is emerging as a local hub for Contemporary Art. It is a vibrant and pulsing art scene – diverse in trends, styles and genres.
Join me on a tour tailored to your interests, comfort and needs and get acquainted with this extraordinary city through its art and leading experts from the local art scene.

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