If you love art, if you are moved and inspired by it, you are in the right place.

Israels  contemporary  art  is  diverse  in  trends,  styles  and  genres.  Museums, trend setting and  experimental  galleries, artists  studios  and working spaces, beautiful street art  and more,  all  create  a  vibrant beating  art  scene.

With ten years  of experience  in the  art  field  and  a group  of dedicated  guides from different backgrounds, we  offer  private art  tours  tailored  to  your interests, comfort and needs. This  is  a  great  way  to  get acquainted  with  this  extraordinary place  through  its art  and  leading  experts  from the  local  art  scene.
All our tours are tailored to your comfort and interests we are always up for any challenge.

About Us

Talking  Art”  is a project initiated in 2013 by Shani Werner. As it manifests the mediation of contemporary art to the public, we strive to talk artas much as we can.

We believe that understanding art is also a way to understand the place in which it was made. As so, Israeli art is a port to getting to know this complex and beautiful country.

We offer private art, architecture and urban culture tours leaded by experienced guides from various fields   art critiques, curators, street artists, architects and more.



צילום: תל-אביבי

Gallery Hop TLV

Our  classic  art  tour,  varies  as  we  want  to  visit  the  best  shows  in  town.  In  this  tour  we will  be  hopping  between  3-4  galleries  around  one  of  the  citys  art  centers.  We  will see various exhibitions by both Israeli and international artists working in different mediums  of  contemporary  art.  This  tour  gives  an  insiders  look  as  we  will  meet  the artists,  curators  and  gallery  owners,  exposing  the  new  trends  of  contemporary  art  in Israel  today.

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